Tigernu Waterproof Laptop Backpack

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  • Size (Height*Length*Width): 48*15*33 cm / 18.5*5.7*12.7 inch
  • Capacity and Weight: 22L and 1kg / 2.2 lbs
  • Colors: Black with Orange Stripe, Black with Blue Stripe
  • Material: Waterproof Nylon
  • Bonus: Free Rain Cover

High Density Waterproof Material

The Tigernu backpack is made out of sturdy waterproof nylon, you can rest assured knowing your valuables will not be damaged by rain and splashes of water. If the backpack gets wet then just wipe it clean with a cloth!

For extra heavy rain we have included a rain cover for free.

Space efficient design

The inside of the Tigernu backpack is specifically designed to be as space effiecient as possible. You can carry all of your essentials inside the backpack's special pockets and compartments.


The outside of the backpack features a USB-Charging port so that you can charge your mobile phone while on the go! Just connect a power bank to the inside of the backpacks charging port and your mobile phone to the outside of the charging port.

Note: Power banks are sold separately


The Tigernu backpack was designed with security in mind.

Double Layer Zipper
The zippers feature a second layer of fabric on the inside of the backpack, making the zippers harder to force and the fabric harder to slash open with a sharp object.

The backpack features an added padlock stitched to the side. The padlock allows you to lock
the zippers in place and can only be opened a number combination of your choosing, making the inside of the backpack inaccessible by anyone but you.

Hidden Back Pocket
The backpack features a hidden pocket on the back that cannot be reached by anyone if the backpack is being worn. It is great for storing your valuables such as your phone or your wallet.

Using the Padlock

1. The initial password is set to 000.

2. Using a the tip of a pen or a paper clip, press the inside button located near the logo and set your own password.

3. Push the button back.

4. Lock the zippers back when you want the contents to be protected and do not forget to set the numbers to a different combination than that of your password.

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